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Madrid prostituta

If you are looking for a dinner date cum bed service; then Megan is just right for you. She is a 21 year old professional escort who enjoys going to dinner dates with elite Russian men. She is an extrovert girl who likes to get friendly with opposite sex. She has so many interesting tales to tell about her college and date experiences that you won’t be bored for a minute in her company. In-fact, she is so good in striking friendship that you will really treat her as your real girlfriend and get really frank with her. That’s the charm of Megan. Megan is quite appealing to look at. She is petite, has curly golden hair and slender body. She is also doing a fashion designing course from Moscow University; hence knows very well what to wear for particular occasion. She usually wears long skirts for dinner dates to create a great impression on you. Apart from her lovely nature; she is also expert in satisfying your carnal desire. Her escort session involves intense kissing all over body, sensual massage, indulging in erotic games like blindfolding, dressing up your favorite woman and finally giving you pleasure through women on top position. For reserving a date with Megan; simply call us or send an email mentioning her name. Once booking is confirmed, you can avail service of gorgeous Megan.

My sex story

I always have deep crush on sportsperson since my teenage days. I really like their strong muscular body, their carefree attitude and strong arms. I really wished that I had a sportsperson as my boyfriend in my college days.
Thankfully, I got an opportunity to sleep with a soccer player and all that is possible of being an escort. If I had been in any other profession, I don’t think that I would have got chance of spending night with my dream man.
Moving back to my story, the guy wanted a break from his tight training schedule so he decided to relax with an escort girl. Thank God, he chose me as a companion for his night.
We went to a dinner first. After that, we moved to his hotel suite. As I shut the door, the guy pushed me to wall and ripped my t-shirt apart. I was taken aback with his strong move. Within a second, he tore away my bra too. I got nervous with his sudden move and tried to cover my breasts. The guy really surprised me with his bold moves. He opened my hair, lifted me up and put me gently on bed. Then, he removed his clothes including his undergarments and got completely nude. He jumped on bed, held my arms tightly and started kissing me on my lips. The hot dude kissed every part of my face such as my eyes, my cheek and my red lips. He moved down to my neck while kissing and started kissing it ferociously. While playing with my neck, his hands unzipped my pants. Soon, he threw away my pants along with panty on the ground. Now, I was completely naked and in full control of him.
After making me completely naked, the guy just stared with a lustful look at my body. I got embarrassed and felt vulnerable when he looked down from top to bottom on me. Then, he moved his strong hands on my soft stomach and then move to all over my body. I just like the way his strong hands touch my lips, breast, my stomach and place between legs. I started feeling excited when his hands moved all over my soft skin. After moving his hands all over my body, he laid on top of me and gave me deep kisses on my lops. From lips, he moved down to my breasts, my stomach, all over my body. I really like the way he kissed me and in excitement embraced him tightly so that I can feel his body closer to me.
After satisfying himself from kissing, he turned me upside down, spread my legs apart and inserted his huge cock inside my vagina. He fucked me at such a ferocious speed that I had tears in my eyes with excitement. I tightly held the couch to support myself. He kept on fucking me like this till he ejaculated in my vagina.
We both achieved our sexual satisfaction at the same time. Both of us were tired after our intense sexual encounter and went to a deep sleep lying next to each other. When I woke up in the morning, the guy had left the hotel suite leaving behind flowers and a sweet note thanking me for such a lovely night.
He left a sweet gesture by ordering breakfast for me. I really liked the way he had sex with me and really wish that he come back again to make me intense love again. 

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